Cyber Stalking

Are you a victim of cyber stalking or online harassment?

Fake Accounts

Are you a victim of fake social media account impersonation?

Email Tracing

Are you trying to trace the owner of an email address ?

Anonymous Person

Are you trying to Identify an anonymous texts or email?

What We Offer

Our Services

We provide Cyber Forensics Investigation services for whatever cyber-related issue you might have, whether it be IP address tracing or stalking or online harassment, we have the resources and the expertise to resolve it.


We offer our services with strict confidentiality and utmost discretion and we deliver the results on time.


Internet Fraud

Are you a victim of investment, dating , auction or any form of internet scam?


Are you a victim of online character defamation?

Domain Ownership

Are you trying to verify the real owner of a domain name?

Anonymous Blogs

Are you trying to uncover the identity of an anonymous blog or blogger?

Fake Websites

Are you trying to find out if a website is fake or not?

IP Tracing

Are you trying to trace the origin of an IP address?

Anonymous Emails

Are you trying to find out where a suspicious email originated from?

Data Recovery

Are you trying to recover a lost or damaged data from your computer?

Lawyer Forensics

Are you a lawyer looking for digital forensics investigations?

Cloud Security

Are you trying secured your cloud network?

Information Security

Are you trying to secure your data?

Hardware Infrastructure

Are you trying to configure your IT infrastructure?

Virtual CISO

Are you looking for a Cyber Security Virtual CISO?

Network Security

Are you trying to monitor your network for potential threat and intrusion?

Android And IOS

Are you trying to secure your Android and IOS devices?

Penetration Testing

Are you trying to find a possible threat in your network?

Cybersecurity Consulting

Are you a looking for trusted cybersecurity consulting services?

who we are

About Us

Why Choose Us

Cyberiginals is a private computer forensics company based in Toronto, Canada. We offer excellent services in areas including cyber stalking, fake online profile, email tracing, internet fraud, domain ownership, anonymous blogs, fake websites, malware analysis and forensic recovery.


Our team is made up of certified experts that have a wealth of experience in cyber crime forensics investigation services.



Cyberiginals helped to unmask the man responsible for cyber stalking our daughter for years

John Spenser


I strongly recommend Cyberiginals for any Cyber crime investigation. Mo was very professional in handling my case

Helena Samson



Practical knowledge of phishing tools

Strong practical knowledge of email investigation

Strong understanding of malware incident

Strong working knowledge of forensic technologies