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What is an Anonymous Blog?

An anonymous blog is a blog in which the contents are not attributed to any author or contributor.


Anonymous bloggers conceal their identity by either using an alias or more sophisticated methods like layered encryption routing and using only publicly accessible computers to post blogs.


However, some people take advantage of such anonymity to publish defamatory or false statements about individuals or corporations. If an anonymous blogger targets you or your business with libelous posts that  is incriminating. You can hire the service of a Cyber Forensic Investigator to deanonymize the blogger.



Deanonymizing blogs



Uncovering the face of anonymous internet individuals is usually carried out by two methods : Social correlation and technical identification.



Social Correlation



This involves comparing the content of an anonymous blog to the real-life people to see if there’s a match.


Details like alias, lifestyle and profession are taken into consideration during analysis. If no attempt is made by the blogger to securely hide their identity, this method will quickly uncover the cyber criminal.



Technical Identification



If a serious attempt is made by the blogger to hide their identity, a more technical approach that involves examining ISP logs and payment information associated with the domain name might be required.


Similarly, word and character frequency analysis is carried out to understand the behavior of the anonymous blogger. More so, statistical tools can be used to compare data with real people. All of these techniques along with sophisticated tools can be used to unmask an anonymous blogger.



What Cyberiginals can do?



At Cyberiginals, our cyber forensics investigators are equipped with the know-how and resources to uncover the identity of an anonymous blog or blogger.


Our method involves a mix of social correlation, technical identification along with other tools — based on what works best.

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