Identifying Anonymous Person


 Who hacked my computer?

Companies and individual usually face several online threats from people they’ve offended or from internet rouges that do it for fun. Most time, these attackers mask their identity, location before carrying out Criminal activities online.


Some sophisticated Cyber Criminals often make use of proxies or VPNs that are difficult to track. Some VPNs don’t log — therefore, trying to trace them is very challenging and simple domain name look-ups cannot do the trick.


When you try to trace such proxies, it can lead you to a remote place in Indonesia, China, North Korea etc or a region that is unlikely to cooperate with a subpoena issued by a Canadian Court.


These masked proxies, function by relaying the web traffic source of the computers to regions outside the control of Canada legal system. Unfortunately, these attackers are able to perpetuate internet crimes undiscovered. And that’s why some hackers are never caught.



How can these Hackers be exposed?



When trying to discover a sophisticated online-masked-rogue or Hacker, the blend of an advanced data modeling skill and checking related data sources can help in leading you to evidences that might be useful in filing a lawsuit or applying for a court order.



What can Cyberiginals do?



We have a highly experienced team of  Cyber Forensic Investigators with proprietary data models that help us to find even a pin in a haystack. Our methodology allows us to find to unmask anyone that hides their identity or location.


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