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What is Forensic Data Recovery?

Forensic data recovery is the extraction of data from damaged, corrupted or lost evidence sources i.e. damaged or formatted  hard drives, removable media. The data are recovered in a manner that will make the resulting evidence admissible in the law court.

Data recovery is usually carried out in order to safely acquire evidence from computer systems by a away of forensic analysis  (i.e. retrieve deleted, hidden, or mistakenly damaged data).


Why is Data Recovery important?


Today, there are several white-collar criminals, pedophiles etc, who delete data (that can incriminate theme) from their computer systems in other to hide their dubious activities.

Cyber Forensic Data Recovery is the only way to gather sufficient evidences of fraud or any form of crime committed using a computer or internet — hence why data recovery is important in solving cyber crime related cases.


Data Forensics Process


The process of retrieving data (whether lost, damaged or corrupted) from a hardware that has been used to commit a crime can be challenging.

Care must be taken in other not to avoid modifying or over-writing the source of evidence. Typically, you will find most cyber forensic investigators very often use a write blocker to freeze the source of evidence., make a forensic copy and work off the copy.

The information to be retrieved will depend on each case file.


Why Use Us


We have cyber crime forensics experts  with wealth of knowledge and experience in working with modern cyber forensic tools used to retrieve data in accordance to the legal principles of security, continuity and accountability. Be rest assured that the final report we provide you with, is foolproof and presentable in the court of law.

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