Cyber Bullying or Harassment

Cyber Stalking

Online Stalking, Bullying or Harassment?

Cyber Stalking & Harassment Investigation Services. We know how frustrating it can be when someone continuously stalks, bully or harass you online either for monetary purpose or solely to ruin your reputation, relationships or business. We have seen cases where stalking and online bullying led to the subject committing suicide.

At Cyberiginals we have zero tolerance for cyber stalking, bullying or harassment. Our team of expert cyber investigators have solved the most bizarre stalking and harassment cases, and yours won’t be any issue at all.



Cyber Stalking & Harassment Investigation Services



Types of cases



The extent of the investigation required depends on how intense the case is. For instance, important personalities like celebrities and CEOs of top corporations might be under serious online stalking or harassment as opposed to ordinary individuals.

We understand the uniqueness of each case and that’s why we tailor our approach to suit your requirement; we categorize cases under light or serious attack.


Method Used



We hands on experience in  resolving cases such as identity theft, false accusations, online threats, online monitoring, data destruction, manipulation and other type of cyber harassment — whether through Social Media, Geo tagging, GPS tracking, Malware, Phishing Email, Phone, Texts Messages, Wireless Network, Blog, Website etc

Online stalking, bullying or harassment come in different forms including emails, phone calls, hacked phones, GPS tracking, websites, contacting friends, family members, letters, electronic listening devices and so on.


Difference between Online Stalking, Bullying and Harassment



Online Stalking and Harassment are categorized under the same umbrella — they are both characterized by the same activities that surrounds them. On the other hand, Cyber Bullying is another form of Online Stalking, the only difference is that it involves “minors”. In other words, if there are only adults and no minors involved then it can’t be considered as “Online Bullying”.


We work with all type of cases



About 50%-60% of people experience online stalking, bullying and harassing at some point in their lives. And the severity varies among people.


In any case, we take all type of cases, whether serious (has detrimental effect on your life, business or reputation) or inconsequential. Our professional experts will investigate the case and gather sufficient evidences that is required either by the police or court.

Our proven methodology is guaranteed to resolve and stop any form of online stalking, bullying or harassment.


How we can help?



After analyzing your case and get all the underlying facts. We combine our technical expertise with legal expertise (if required) to give you the intended result quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Some cases take long to resolve. However, we do try out best to give you results as quick as possible. Contact us if you need help with Cyber Stalking & Harassment Investigation Services

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Cyber Stalking & Harassment Investigation Services