Domain Squatting & Laundering

Domain Ownership

Domain Ownership

There are several tools like Whois that can help to trace the owner of a domain. However, sometimes the domain name is hidden through privacy protection. In such instances, Cyber Forensic Investigators can help to reveal the cryptic owner of the domain.



Domain Squatters



Some cyber criminals act as domain squatters in order to defraud you. They do this by registering a domain that contains names, or trademark of a particular business.


What they do next is put the domains out for sale at a high price — since they know you will be interested in buying the domain at some point.


When you fall victim to such a scheme, a Cyber Forensics Investigator can help you to trace the domain squatter and what their intent is.


Similarly, some domains are set up with popular brand names in other to collect personal information from people. In other words, they collect information without the consent of the “brand owner”.


Again, you need the help of a Cyber Crime Investigator to provide you with the evidence required to take legal action against the domain name registrar.



What can Cyberiginals  do?



We make use of a combination of state-of-the-art Cyber Forensics Investigation tools. And with our proven expertise, we can locate not just the individual responsible for Cyber Fraud, or trademark infringing activity (registering a domain name of a brand) but also the main purpose of the domain name.


In addition, we secure the evidence you need to file a law suit in court against Cyber Criminals.

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