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The internet is littered with hundreds of fake websites setup to defraud or harm people.


Online Fraudsters or Hackers with malicious intent clone reputable websites (i.e. banks, establishments) and inject malicious code in other to steal your personal information or hijack your computer or network.






One common use of fake websites is for Phishing purposes. Phishing involves harnessing manipulative tactics (sending emails or creating web pages) solely to get an individual to disclose sensitive information  such as online banking details, credit card information or any other login credentials. Have you received any suspicious emails with a  link to another site? That might be a phishing email.



How to Identify Fake Websites



Usually, by paying attention to some specific features (i.e. URL structure), you can tell whether a site is real or fake. Always pay close attention to the configuration of the URL. This is because fake websites usually use URLs that looks similar to reputable sites but are actually clones.


In addition, never visit a site that is not HTTP secured (HTTPS). Make it an habit to view the certificate details and trust seals before divulging sensitive information on a website.



Cyber attack 



If you clicked through to a fake website where you entered your personal information , credit card details etc and you noticed your computer is remotely controlled or you no longer have administrative rights — that could be a malware (Trojan, virus, ransomware, worm, spyware etc) cyber attack



What do you do?



First, call the bank that issued the credit card and inform them your credit card information has been stolen. The next thing to do is either go to the police station to file a police report or call a Cyber Crime Investigator to analyse the severity of the damage caused and to provide you with evidence(s) that you can show to the police or used to file a law suit. present in the court of law.


At Cyberiginals, our professionalism and expertise allow us to trace the origin, intent, and possibly owner of the fake website or email. We would analyze, report and provide you with solutions to reduce the damages and risk of further cyber attacks.

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