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IP Tracing

What is IP Tracing?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique numerical identifier assigned to all computer devices connected to a computer network. It is primarily used for interface identification, location addressing and to communicate over a network.


Tracing an IP address involves finding the device that an IP address was assigned to at a specific time, the location of the device and the user of the device at that specific time. IP tracing is an important aspect used in tracking the name and location of Cybercriminals.


There are a number of free public tools that can be used to trace IP addresses. However, they all have limited capability. If an IP address has been concealed either by using  a proxy, VPN or any anonymizer, you need the assistance of a professional cyber forensics investigator to trace the original I.


It is a common practice for Cyber Criminals to hide their IP address when they carry out illegal cyber activities such as cyber stalking, fraud, and other forms of cyber crimes.



Cyberiginals can help with IP Tracing



We have a team of cyber forensic investigator experts that are equipped with the  forensic tools needed to trace IP addresses. We harness our proprietary methods, paid tools, legal processes and connection with several Internet Service Providers to follow the trail of a network and find out where it is originating from.


Our service is affordable, accurate and timely.

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