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Harness the power of complete network security monitoring for your on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments

As organizations deal with increasing security challenges, there is a need to do more than assess or create a robust IT security strategy. Businesses today have multiple “choke points” that must be monitored to avert breaches in real-time. Therefore, they must implement yet another security arsenal to deal effectively and respond to intrusions.


What is Network Security Monitoring?


Network Security Monitoring is an automated service that deals with collecting analyzing and escalating warnings and indicators to detect and respond to intrusions. Implementing this service helps your organization quickly respond to security threats, vulnerabilities, and suspicious behavior through vigilant monitoring of your network (devices, and traffic).


Benefits of Network Security Monitoring?


Network Security Monitoring offers proactive protection against various forms of malicious attacks, including zero-day threats and ransomware. It is also crucial to meet compliance requirements by offering businesses an avenue for businesses to gain insights about emerging security threats, data breaches, and actively augment security capabilities to meet them. However, when considering the usefulness of Network Security Monitoring against other cybersecurity tools and methodologies in your arsenal, you must realize that no single tool provides adequate protection. Therefore, considering Network Security Monitoring as part of your cybersecurity plan is important, as no single individual or IT security expert can provide adequate monitoring of your systems at all times.


To stay on top of your security needs, Network Security Monitoring provides robust and constant vigilance over your network traffic, including what’s coming in, what’s going out, and items on your employee’s networked devices. Combined with expert IT security consultations and other tools, you can achieve a more mature defense system against potential threats.


Beyond that, threats occur round the clock. Therefore efficient network monitoring provides quick response whenever or wherever threats originate from.


So, is it worth it to invest in effective network security monitoring?  Absolutely, and even for a small business. 24/7 watchfulness ensures you receive incident alerts, assist with the response to incidents, and enable you to meet regulatory compliance. Overall, it can mitigate the risks of security breaches and avert severe financial, legal, and reputational consequences.


However, to wholly monitor and protect your network, you must have a thorough view of:

  • Connections to your infrastructure at all times
  • Vulnerable systems that can be easily exploited
  • Day-to-day threat intelligence updates
  • Security events alongside related data
  • Aggregates of logs and events across your IT environments (on-premise, cloud, and hybrid)


However, many businesses traditionally cannot orchestrate this information within network security software due to the high costs and complexity. Therefore, XXX’s network security monitoring services help these organizations navigate complexities alongside providing a cost-effective and easy to use model to stay on top of their network security needs.


Our Robust Network Security Monitoring Service


Our security monitoring solutions are engineered to augment your existing IT resources, prevent loss of revenue, and provide peace of mind.  Backed by a team of certified security analysts, you will receive 24/7 security monitoring and alerting services to mitigate risks, identify threats, and receive in-depth reporting for thorough visibility over your company’s security operations.


Our network security monitoring solutions will help you stay one step ahead of potential threats and immediately respond to breaches whenever they occur. Avert the risk of slow network response, network intrusion, and unexpected downtime to avoid lost revenue and potential adverse effects on your business reputation.


 Harness advanced network systems monitoring that secures your user’s sensitive data, financials, personally identifiable information, and other forms of electronic assets while ensuring you stay compliant with leading regulations. We will also work with you to achieve complete and robust compliance with the best industry regulations.


Beyond detecting and receiving alerts on subsequent threats, our security analytics will help you determine the right actions to take and even take actions on your behalf to reduce response time and damage potential, giving your in-house team more time to focus on core business functions.


24/7365 Monitoring and Averting At Your Fingertips


Our network monitoring security solutions will provide round-the-clock monitoring of your network traffic to detect known and unknown security threats, providing alerts when intrusions occur, so our IT teams can respond quickly to contain breaches, protect assets and restore your operations as quickly as possible. Our cybersecurity experts are ready to work round the clock, paired with our automated network security monitoring solutions, to ensure that your business stays safe. Seize the advantage of industry-leading expertise and efficient network security monitoring solutions that put you in control and support your business goals.


Our Network Security Monitoring will enable you to


  • Understand your assets and vulnerabilities
  • Detect breaches and threats including threats that may not be detected otherwise
  • Automated threat and intrusions detection
  • Detect zero-day threats
  • Track suspicious activities
  • Achieve the big picture view over your enterprise’s security events
  • Effective analysis of security incidents
  • Firewall/IPS/IDS Log monitoring
  • Tailored rules designed by security experts for your organization
  • Adequate vigilance with continuous threat intelligence
  • 24/7 access to a skilled emergency IT security response team
  • Real-time, alerting, monitoring and analysis by certified professionals
  • Proactive solutions to detected breaches
  • Log Management, retention, correlation and storage
  • Easy integrations with existing capabilities
  • Managed compliance reporting
  • Audit request support


We understand how vital it is to protect your assets and avert threats in real-time. Let us take the heavy lifting of your cybersecurity needs and incident response so your team can focus on other core business functions.

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