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Why Choose Us?

Cyberiginals is a private computer forensics company based in Toronto, Canada. We provide excellent services in areas including cyber stalking, fake online profile, email tracing, internet fraud, domain ownership, anonymous blogs, fake websites, data recovery and everything related to cyber crime. Our team is made up of certified experts that have a wealth of experience in cyber forensics investigations.


We have served individuals, private businesses and corporations.


We pride ourselves in cyber forensics investigations and we’re passionate about what we do. Our forensics expert’s main objective is to find solutions, resolve and prevent any form of cyber crime.


Cyber SolutionsĀ 


Cyberiginals Investigators are passionate about cyber forensics investigations. And so, we work closely with you and utilize our expertise to come up with both quality service and legally upholdable results.

At Cyberiginals, our core beliefs are diligence and competence. Therefore, we adhere to a strict law enforcement-based forensic protocol in collecting, preserving, analyzing and reporting our case.

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