Cyber Bullying or Harassment

Email Tracing

 Who sent the email?

These days it is very common to receive phishing, threat or anonymous emails in our inbox — some of us delete, report as spam, ignore or simply reply back to the email. Conversely, others, out of curiosity make an attempt to trace the email back to the sender i.e. they want to know who sent the email, sender’s location, IP and address, in other to take a legal action (if necessary).


What is Email tracing ?


This is the process of recovering key components of a message, usually located in the properties or header of the email. By obtaining the IP address of the email, you can get some info including the name of the individual or company responsible for sending the message.


Who uses Email Tracing?


Not all cases warrant an email tracing in cyber forensics investigation. If cutting criticisms are being offered about you or your business, you should have a social media manager deal calmly with it.

However, if such criticism is a breach of the law, rather than delete, reply or ignore it, you should save it as evidence — to be used in court if required. In Canada, Cyber Stalking (i.e. email threats) is an indictable offence, thus, punishable.


People that suffer from stalkers or from a flush of dubious or malicious emails, threats or defamation need to hire  a cyber investigator. This is because such emails have a detrimental effect — they usually contain phishing inquiries, spyware, malware, viruses and other infections hidden in them.


Why Use Cyber Forensics Investigators?


If you’re having any challenge trying to trace an email with the free tools available online, we can take that burden off from you. We have expert email tracers who are equipped with the experience and resources required to trace any email.

That being said, Email Tracing can get complicated if the email was sent using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Anonymous Email Service or contact form — which tend to mask their IP address and Location. In any case, the email can still be traced.

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