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Anonymous Emails

Anonymous Emails

One of the evil sides of the internet is the prevalent use of anonymous emails to accomplish all sorts of heinous Cyber Crimes. With access to the internet, a person can register an anonymous email address within minutes and commence malicious activities online such as threats, fraud etc.

While there are several online services that can be used to trace the sender of an email, some of these sources hardly yield a useful result when trying to track anonymous emails. Yes, they can help in uncovering the identity of authentic emails, however, it breaks down when trying to deanonymize malicious emails because the sender usually takes the required actions to ensure that their identity is not compromised i.e. using a different IP, VPN or anonymizers.


In other to deal with such anonymous emails, you require the service of a forensic cyber investigator that  knows how to unmask IPs and deanonymize emails.



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At Cyberiginals, our Cyber Forensics Investigators are highly skilled experts and have proprietary technologies that is used in tracing emails back to the sender. We have  proven technique is affordable, timely and accurate.

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