Fake Social Media Account

Fake Profiles

 Fake profile in your name

Imagine this scenario: Your friend sends you a link to a Facebook or Twitter Profile. You open the link only to realize that the account name and the face on the profile picture is yours.


You don’t remember creating a Facebook or Twitter account of that nature. Worse off, the information presented about you is caustic and is capable of ruining your reputation? What in the world would you do?



Cyber Attack



When you realize that a social media account is in your name and contains degrading information about you  — that is a possible sign of a Online Defamation. Unfortunately, a lot of people find themselves or their loved ones in such a situation.


The best line of action is to promptly gather the required information and inform the right authorities i.e. Police. The next thing is to narrow your search — think of any possible suspect.


Tips: Did you offended anyone recently?



What can Cyberiginals do?



How do you get the information you need to present to the authorities? That’s what Cyberiginals can do for you. We can track down the person responsible for the fake account to an extent.


What check the IP (Internet Protocol)  address of the computer that is accessing the fake account (The IP address is unique to a computer) using Cyber Forensic tools. If the IP is masked using a proxy or VPN, we take all necessary steps to get the original IP address i.e. obtaining court orders and communicating with the ISP (Internet Service Providers).


Once these information are obtained, we then analyze who is responsible for creating the fake social media account.


After analyzing and gathering evidences that points to a computer or computer network.  We then provide a final report to the victim or lawyer

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