What is Defamation?

This is the act of damaging the good reputation of a person by intentionally spreading false statement about the person online. Defamation not only damages your good name but it can also hamper your ability to secure a job, get a loan, buy a home and so on.


For an organization, defamation can injure profits and morale of a company.


With the prevalence of the internet today, most defamation are done online. This is even more damaging because information spreads faster on the internet and if it goes viral (it can take years to remove the defamatory materials from the web). To take legal actions against any act of online defamation, first you need evidences to prove your innocence.



What is Required for a Defamation Lawsuit?



To prove that a person is guilty of online defamation, you have to identify the culprit, prove that an unprivileged publication or statement was made intentionally or negligently and finally, show that you’ve been negatively affected by such actions.



Steps in a Defamation Investigation



You need to first consult a Cyber Forensics Investigator when you are a victim of Online Defamation Investigation. Investigation process is carried in other to trace the defamatory statements to the offender.

This is usually accomplished through online searches, witness interviews, and Cyber Forensics. When enough evidences has been collected, the case is updated and the final report is submitted to the victim.



What can Cyberiginals do?



Our team is made up of Cyber Forensics Professionals who are experienced in Online Defamation cases.


We take every necessary steps to rid you off malicious falsehoods (i.e. SEO, social media, contacting websites, tracking down the offender etc). We adhere to ethical standards and follow due process when obtaining documents legally or dealing with website owners. Therefore, we only gather evidence that is admissible in court  —  that would assist in ridding you off every defamatory materials in your name.

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