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Internet Fraud

What Is Internet Fraud?

Internet fraud is the use of internet services or Internet-based software to dupe or defraud a victim. Some popular forms include identity theft, investment fraud, Credit card fraud, internet auction fraud, internet dating scams, escrow services fraud, Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, vehicle purchase scams, property sale or rent scams and so on.


The impact of an internet fraud can be devastating to the victim, both emotionally and financially.

Cyberiginals specializes in helping individuals, SMEs and corporation deal with internet fraud cases. Unfortunately, recovering money from internet fraud is extremely difficult. If you fail to bring in the service of a qualified Internet fraud investigator within 72 hours of the incident, recovering lost assets might be impossible.


That’s why you need to take action quickly when you have been defrauded on the internet.


Why You Need a cyber investigator?


You may ask why hire a cyber investigator instead of reporting the case to the Police?.


Certainly, the first thing to do when you have been duped online is to report to the police. The problem is, the police are quite slow in investigating the case due to the amount of case files in their cabinets.


More so, internet Fraud Investigations is a highly specialized field that requires special skills. A successful cyber investigation requires a mix of hands on experience, a thorough understanding of how internet scams work and computer forensics.


Why Hire Cyberiginals?


Our team is made of Computer Forensic Experts & Ethical Hackers. We partner with top-tier lawyers, sophisticated fraud detecting resource companies. Furthermore, we have links with several law enforcement agencies.


Our operations are highly confidential and you have control over the information derived from the investigation. We will help you gather information that can aid in apprehending the fraudster and the evidence required to take legal action against them. Our technique allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions in no time.

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