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Gain the advantage of independent support to improve your enterprise’s cybersecurity

Maintaining a successful information security strategy for your organization requires constant attention. Although not all businesses need the full-time committed of dedicated talent to oversee these function, majority of small to medium-sized enterprises require a dedicated virtual Chief Information Security Officer to maintain the same level of security as found in larger Corporations.


XXX’s virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)  service fills this gap by providing your organization with a highly qualified and experienced security professional to call upon when needed. Our Virtual CISO will work as an extension of your internal team, helping you assess and avert potential cyber-risks, develop policies, controls, and processes and stay on top of rapidly evolving compliance standards and threats.



What is Virtual CISO?


 A virtual Chief Information Security Officer or vCISO is a professional that provides strategic and operational security leadership as one can expend from a full-time senior executive but in a cost-effective and efficient service model. Our dedicated vCISO will provide day-to-day cybersecurity support and insights on everything from developing a long-term security strategy to implementation and maintenance.


When You Need vCISO Guidance?


Security leaders may only offer a strategic plan and roadmap for an organization. However, there is a greater need to understand, implement and execute this strategic blueprint. A vCISO can help your organization harness both aspects while reducing your overhead and being able to meet your security objectives at a flat fee.

Additionally, the right vCISO guidance can be invaluable when developing a threat management strategy, recruiting and training your security personnel as well as other employees, and obtaining new security products and services. They can also be invaluable when planning security reviews, assessments and audits as well as dealing with and remediating security incidents.


How a Virtual CISO enables an organization’s strategic security initiatives?


A vCISO will begin by evaluating your company’s security standing via thorough assessment to identify weaknesses and optimize your security position. By working as a long-term resource security point-of-contact or interim CISO, your vCISO, will help you implement proactive protocols, establish security standards respond to incidents while continually refining your approach to mitigate risks, meet compliance requirements and address the dynamic threat landscape.

A vCISO will also deal with other security related issues such as answering security-related questionnaires for your users and working as an ongoing and ad hoc support when needed.


Benefits of XXX’s Virtual CISO Services


Our vCISO services are a cost-effective way to enjoy the same level of services at a fraction of the investments it would take to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Our hands-on vCISO support will help protect your organization’s visions by delivering the adaptability you need to meet the demands of external influences, including emerging threats, audit requirements, and customer requests.

Take advantage of our virtual CISO services that integrate seamlessly with your team, giving you all the security resources to run a successful IT security program. More just a security leader, we bring to you a fast range of talents and roles with is a convenient and cost-efficient advantage over executive hire and collaborations with a single security leader.

Our combined expertise paired with the attentions of a dedicated virtual Chief Information Security Officer will ensure that you have a robust and proactive hold on your security planning, risk assessments and the scalability to meet the demands of your rapidly changing business needs.


Our Virtual CISO Services Offerings



Dedicated Security Consultant


Our vCISO services provide a dedicated security consultant that will maintain vigilance over your IT security environment. Your dedicated security consultant will assess, and gain a thorough understanding of your needs, industry and environment.

That way, our vCISO can identify business threats to develop a baseline for your existing security program and augment your security strategy aligned to your unique business objectives. In the end, we help you build a comprehensive plan that augments your IT security needs, protects your business reputation and bottom line.


Security Awareness Training


Our vCISO services include helping you design your security awareness programs to align with compliance and regulatory obligations for every level of user group across your organization. Our vCISO will support your business with in-depth expertise and knowledge in security to ensure that your people, gain the right education to prevent data breaches, phishing, and prepare against sophisticated cyber attacks.


Security Assurance


We can help evaluate your technologies, processes and culture, based on security governance to develop prioritized actions that help your organization manage information security strategy and program efficiency. Our assessments encompass thorough reviews of use policies, data classification, threat and vulnerability management, third-party management and lots more.


Vulnerability Management Monitoring


Through our robust assessment results, we will deliver diverse levels of ongoing support. We begin by developing procedures and policies that close critical gaps in your IT security program. We will also help develop and implement a remediation blueprint, using effective and actionable prioritized rated recommendations. We will also provide ongoing strategic guidance to support your organizations with long-term goals effectively.


Identity and Access Management


We help you develop an effective identity and access management procedures that protect your critical assets, meets regulatory requirements, without limiting productivity or efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Our vCISO will implement solutions that mitigate risks, protect assets and help your organization seize the advantage of emerging technologies.


Security Architecture


Our virtual CISO services is an invaluable contribution to all aspects of product development phases beginning from designing your security architecture to industry’s standards to proactively taking care of your numerous security configurations options. Whether you use on-premise security architecture, or cloud security architecture, we bring you the right resources to secure your IT architecture.


Single Point of Contact


With a dedicated security consultant, your IT team will have the advantage of direct access to your virtual CISO at all times, and through your preferred communication channels. By working as an extension of your team, you enjoy the advantage of someone who understands your team, industry, environment, business and industry and can help your business move forward to unlock value for your business, reduce risks, and support our bottom line.

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