Cloud Security

Our robust cloud security services help your business harness immense value to accelerate growth with control over assets and risks.

Cloud Security Services. As businesses migrate to the cloud to store, process, and host their data applications, there is a need for a reliable and trusted cloud security solution. Your cloud-based systems, applications, data, and infrastructure introduces a new set of complexities and security challenges.


What is Cloud Security?


Cloud security (or cloud computing security) comprises a set of procedures, controls, policies, and technologies combined with safeguarding cloud-based data, systems, and infrastructure. They are security measures geared towards protecting cloud-based assets, supporting regulatory compliance, and safeguarding customer’s privacy.

The right cloud security solutions will be configured to the enterprise’s exact needs and managed in one place, which significantly reduces administration overheads and empowers IT teams to focus on more vital tasks.


Benefits of Cloud Security Services


  1. Centralized SecurityCloud security services help your business enjoy the benefits of centralized protection. Cloud-based business environments usually have a vast range of end-points and devices, which can be difficult to manage. Therefore, by managing centrally, it becomes easier to gain visibility across cloud applications, systems, and user activities. A single point equally enables fewer software policy updates, and it is easier to implement data discovery recovery plans.
  2. Reduced CostsImplementing robust cloud security solutions can help you eliminate the need to invest in dedicated hardware. This, in turn, helps reduce administrative overhead and capital expenditure and transforms your IT security protocols from being reactive to proactive. That way, you can enjoy 24/7 protection with little to no human intervention.
  3. DependabilityThe right cloud security measures paid with your cloud infrastructure enable your customers and workforce to safely access data and applications regardless of your devices or location.
  4. Reduced AdministrationManual security configurations and consult security updates can drain cause an enormous drain on resources. The right cloud security platform or reputable cloud services provider can ensure that all security administration is handled on your behalf or from a central point, reducing your administrative overhead.

XXX’s comprehensive cloud security solution provides the foundations to migrate securely to the cloud. Our cloud security support begins from your initial digital transformation phases and will be tailored to meet the needs of your cloud journey, whether you are migrating for the first time or seeking to augment your cloud operations.

Backed by deep security industry experience, our cloud security services help you augment your security practices, meet each state of your journey to the cloud, satisfy industry and regulatory requirements, mitigate security risks and remain ahead of threats.


We will help your organization build, establish, and mitigate risks by implementing compliance guard rails into your day-to-day operations. Our cloud services are available to organizations of diverse sizes, irrespective of your preferences; SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, or deployment models such as public clouds, hybrid clouds, software-defined data centers, or private clouds. With our help, you can focus on cloud transformation to unlock immense value for your business and achieve growth.


Our Cloud Security Service Offerings Can Help You


Cloud Security Foundation.


We help you develop or review a holistic cloud security strategy through gap analysis, risk assessments, and future state development. That way, we can design a comprehensive road map and architecture to support your goals. Whether you have already incorporated a cloud initiative or are at the starting point, our cloud security strategy services are designed to guide your journey.

We will help you assess your security risks, develop specific security requirements, establish baseline requirements, and build a comprehensive security framework to help you develop a secure cloud path.


Identity and Access Management


We help you create solutions to streamline and centralize access to your cloud services (alongside enterprise services), applications, and user activities. We also help your organization understand what apps are appropriate for your business environment while considering compliance regulations, security controls, and other factors.

We can also help you review and negotiate contracts with cloud service providers, alongside integrating cloud visibility and controls with your company’s existing security solutions. With more control points and granular insights, you can proactively identify and block unauthorized entry to sensitive cloud apps and services.


Application and Infrastructure Security


Our infrastructure solutions start by getting foundation security services right across the extended enterprise and cloud ecosystems. Our application security solutions help clients design, develop, and deploy secure cloud-based applications. These solutions will meet security and regulatory requirements while ensuring a more responsive and scalable business to enable swift collaborations and transform your IT environment.


Data Protection/Defense


We provide data protection solutions for your cloud security needs to support and augment risk tolerance profiles. Our cloud security services begin from evaluating the right data to migrate to ensuring you have balanced and protective measures to accelerate growth within any cloud model. Our data security solutions provide:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Data discovery
  • Data protection audits
  • Data classification
  • Enforcement of robust security policies
  • Cloud-to-cloud sharing security solutions
  • Data loss prevention synchronization with the cloud
  • Reporting

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions


Our cloud infrastructure solutions begin by implementing and integrating core security controls. We help clients design, develop, and deploy secure cloud-based security strategies for every layer of your stack. We also provide continuous testing management and resiliency to ensure your implement organization-wide incident response strategies to help detect and contain attacks as fast as possible.

Beyond orchestrations and optimized operations, we can continuously track cloud usage activity to maintain vigilance over security profiles and ensure compliance with established security requirements.


Multi-Factor Authentication


We can also provide multi-factor authentication solutions and services for both on-premises and cloud security elements. Our multi-factor authentication solutions are inclusive and incorporate voice, text, location, and a vast range of biometric authentications. By implementing multi-factor authentication protocols, your organization can avoid a significant cloud data breach, from compromised single user passwords.

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