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Build a cyber-resilient organization with tailored capabilities and guidance engineered to transform your information security posture.

Trusted Cybersecurity Consulting. Cybercrime is also growing sporadically due to the growth of technology and the proliferation of internet-enabled devices, causing businesses of all sizes to rethink their approach to security. Intellectual property, cyber infrastructure, and private data can be compromised by premeditated attacks owing to the vulnerabilities from the unregulated immature global internet. No business is too small or too big to avert the interests of deliberate attacks.


Even so, the common theme revolving around many reports is that even as heightened vigilance and unimagined security investments continue to rise, cyberattacks are still on the rise.  The risks are even greater as adopting cloud, social and mobile, and other emerging information technology (IT) environments brings their own challenges, creating more avenues for security breaches. Therefore, it is important for organizations of all sizes, to reinvent their security measures to avoid such events and implement effective recovery measures, should they occur.


Trusted Cybersecurity Consulting


As a leading cybersecurity consulting firm,  we help organizations navigate the complexities of cybersecurity. Backed by vast expertise and experience, we help you develop an integrated cyber-resilient environment while boosting your business operations, enhancing customer support and mission performance.


Our approach helps you uncover weaknesses in the information security posture that can threaten your profitability, invite steep penalties and fines from regulations, and disrupt your company’s goals. Our cybersecurity consultants provide continuous security assurance for businesses across industry verticals.


We act as an independent counsel, thereby providing an objective view of your security position and helping you implement the right technical capabilities and IT risk strategy. Our reliable and independent guidance is based on decades of experience and tailored to your industry’s best practices. Whether you need to engineer a hardened IT security environment, assess risk, to investigate vulnerabilities or test for internal or external threats, we have the resources you need to achieve your desired outcome.


Why Choose Our CyberSecurity Consultants?


We bring you a team of highly-skilled, certified IT security professionals and engineers with a wealth of hands-on experience across diverse IT environments.


They hold topnotch security clearances, giving them the leverage to work in a vast range of environments as they have spent the last years, developing, evaluating and implementing cybersecurity policies, conducting risk and vulnerability assessments, securing and optimizing diverse private and public IT systems. Hence, when you work with XXX as your dedicated IT security partner, you can be assured of a team of experts ready to take on your challenges.


We go to painstaking lengths, becoming personally dedicated to your needs to ensure that you always have the best practices and knowledge to confidently meet your goals. We bring you resources and profound expertise to augment your cybersecurity challenges, prevent harm to your reputation, potential liabilities, fines, and loss of revenues.


Our Cyber Security Consulting Service Offerings:

Digital Forensics Services


Whenever a breach occurs, it is crucial to quickly contain the threat and further reduce its impacts. Therefore, finding the root cause is extremely important to equally help legal or governmental authorities deal with the threat actor.


Our Digital Forensics services begin by clearly understanding the investigation’s objective, identifying the locations of your data, and further documenting the legal chain of custody. Hence, we help document relevant evidence for legal proceedings and work with your team regarding cybersecurity risk, compliance efforts, and remediation.


 Security Training Awareness


We can help you design and implement an effective security training program. We can also help your organization develop a clear information security strategy, which is essential to move your company forward. Through heightened security awareness and stronger security culture, your organization can mitigate human-induced data breaches and maintain a proactive stance against cyberattacks.


Provisions of a vCISO


We can also provide a virtual Chief Information Security Officer, which is a crucial way to enjoy the advantages of an executive information security leader without taking on the cost of hiring one on a full-time basis. Our vCISO will serve as a point-of-contact, help you deal with day-to-day security events, be on-call whenever needed, and help your organization navigate cybersecurity complexities in real-time.


SDLC Applications Development Services


Security Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is a structured procedure to help protect your applications via a vast range of software, hardware, testing, and operational policies. We help your company incorporate standard security practices into every phase of your software development life cycle.


Our SDLC security services also extend towards code reviews, application penetration testing, and application vulnerability testing. In the end, we help you minimize vulnerabilities and risks of intellectual or organizational performance to achieve high performing, portable and secure applications.


Cyber Information Technology Security Consulting


Backed by the best and experienced security experts, we provide trusted counsel on security risks. We can help analyze the maturity of your information security program to identify vulnerabilities, gaps, and opportunities to evaluate the required level of protection needed for your unique business environment. We also maintain business continuity by providing emergency communications and command, response protocols, and incident mitigation.


We also offer cybersecurity consulting services in the following areas:


  • Policy and plan development
  • Insider threat and APT assessment
  • Social engineering
  • Risk assessment
  • Security breach management
  • Data Protection and Privacy Services
  • IT risk management and compliance.
  • Configuration management, design, and remediation
  • Enterprise security architecture design and re-design
  • Malicious code review
  • Security GAP Assessments.
  • 3rd Party GAP Assessment.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance assessments.
  • Cyber Essentials preparation and audit.


Our experienced security experts are ready and able to offer effective cybersecurity consulting and advisory services tailored to your unique needs, industry, and business environment. With effective security counsel, you can clearly understand your vulnerabilities, strengths, and weaknesses in a variety of scenarios to anticipate potential threats.


Hence, our advanced business cybersecurity services help you protect your critical assets and protections from internal and external threats, helping your business work smarter with improved security management.

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